Off-season strength training is the most important thing when it comes to preparation for the upcoming season. A good plan offers the body to restore strength levels and muscle imbalances from the tough last season. Strength is your most important quality for the summer because it affects all. Your speed, agility, stamina, or even flexibility can't be at a reasonable level without it.  Especially, maximum strength is the basis of other qualities needed in hockey, such as speed and explosiveness. It is also injury prevention training at its best, as the weak athletes are the ones who are often most vulnerable to injuries. Don’t spend all your summer just doing pilates or miniband exercises. Just load the bar and start lifting. 


Whether you are a rookie or a more experienced veteran, you will need this program to take your performance to a whole new level. The program is designed to serve more experienced strength athletes at the college and pro level. It utilizes the best and the most effective training methods that have helped numerous professionals reach their top performance. By purchasing this product, you will have access to the training methods that numerous NHL players have been using successfully for years in their Off-season training. 


You get all that information at an affordable price. Now, break your old records and rise towards the new season, stronger and faster than ever! 

Pro Off Season Strength Training

  • Off-Season Strength Training Program, designed for advanced hockey athletes (U20-Pro).

    Duration: 16 WEEKS

    Workouts per week: THREE TO FOUR

    The plan includes four phases. The program structure is; 

    • Phase 1 - Structural Balance/ Muscle Hypertrophy (3 weeks)
    • Phase 2 - Basic/Maximum Strength (6 weeks)
    • Phase 3 - Maximum Strength & Power (4 weeks) 
    • Phase 4 - Power & Speed (3 weeks)
  • You will receive a link to a downloadable database that you can download over and over again on every device. The content of the database is;

    • Strength Training Program (pdf.)
    • Training Load Chart (pdf.)
    • HD Exercise Video Database (mp4)