When the summer season starts, it’s the best time for a strength coach, as the athletes come together from all around and start preparing for the next season. Now is the time to focus on your goals and needs, big time!


This program is one that I have successfully used for many of my professional athletes. However, you don't need to be a professional hockey player to benefit from this program. It is enough if you are just an experienced trainee because it utilizes complex exercises (e.g. Olympic lifts) that require experience and correct lifting techniques. That's why this product is not for novices. In this case, the pro means an experienced athlete.


The program design of this product will make you stronger and more explosive than ever before. The program uses a wide variety of stimuli needed with more experienced athletes to achieve the best results. You don't have to raffle anymore, follow the program, and no moment is a waste of time. Finally, start offseason training that gives you a needed kick in the back! Enjoy!

Pro Off Season

120,00 €Price
  • This products total value is about 3000€. Its the sum that my athletes pay me for this period, if they train with me three times a week. You can do the math on how cheap this is going to be for you. You only pay for the work of the programming. Because, it is an online product, and does not include personal training sessions.