This product is designed for those who need an effective In-season strength training plan. It is suitable for anyone with several years of strength training experience(U20-Pro).


It is commonly thought that you should only focus on maintaining performance during the competition season. The truth is, however, that after a lucrative Off-season strength training season, performance will start to decline if you just settle for sustained strength training. This plan has been developed so that you will have an opportunity to get bigger and stronger during the season. You will never have to start a new Off-season in a powerless state again, which happens if strength training is neglected or designed badly.


However, with this product, you’re going to smash your old records from the off-season. Your performance level will rise through the season. You’ll be faster and stronger than ever before, and in the best shape just before the playoffs. Try it, this plan takes your performance to a whole new level, without the accumulation of unfavourable fatigue during the In-season.


Pro In Season Strength Training For Ice Hockey

  • You will receive a link to a downloadable database that you can download over and over again on every device. The content of the database is;

    • Strength Training Program (pdf.)
    • Training Load Chart (pdf.)
    • HD Exercise Video Database (mp4)
  • Strength training program for In-season. It is designed for U20-Pro hockey athletes covering the whole In-seasonal strength training period from first puck drop to finals.

    Duration: SEVEN MONTH

    Workouts per week: TWO

    • Phase 1 - Strength Endurance (Work Capacity)
    • Phase 2-  Basic Strength 
    • Phase 3 - Maximum Strength (Contrast Loading)
    • Phase 4 - Maximum Strength (Heavy Threes)
    • Phase 5 - High Load Clusters (Power Endurance) 
    • Phase 6 - Contrast Training #1 (Power)
    • Phase 7 - Contrast Training #2 Peaking (Power)