This program is for you if you play at the men's level, no matter what stage you are playing, this program suits for all. However, a solid background in strength training is recommended. Thus, you don't need to be a professional to start this training program. The pro, in this case just means training experience.


In general, the common thinking is that you can raise strength levels only Offseason and the Inseason is just maintain. This is often the wrong kind of thinking because, with the proper program design, you can develop strength during the season, as long as you know how to optimize the training with the games and traveling.


Effective strength sessions should not last too long and should not take place too many times a week. You often go wrong at this point because you are either training too strenuously or not at all. This kind of program design could be harmless to your game and lower your performance.


I made this program for those who want to develop and improve their strength levels throughout the season. You have a seven-month program that is a continuum to the summer season. You will get the most out of this program if you have completed the Offseason product first because it uses the same exercise variations. 


If you want to maintain fresh legs and explosiveness throughout the season and be the first on the puck, then this program is for you. You will be stronger and ready to crush your opponents in important playoff games as others' performance declines when spring is approaching. You are ready to break the ice in every game, all the way from the first game to the finals.

Pro In Season

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  • This is a digital product.

    • 12 Page Manual & The Program (pdf.)
    • Video Database for All Exercises (mp4)
    • In a total of 7 month In Season Strength Training