This product gives you the opportunity to learn some of the warm-up drills that the world's best hockey players have used for years in their pre-game routine.

Everyone knows how confusing this can be. Everyone has heard that they should go jogging, do some stretching and so on. Eventually, you realize that you did something, but was it beneficial and related to hockey?

An effective warm-up should always improve the activation and mobility of the muscles and joints required for the sport.

Pre Game Hip Prep - Ice Hockey Warm-Up

  • You will receive a link to a downloadable product which you can use it over and over again on every device. The content of this downloadable product are;

    • Training Program with Exercise Instructions (pdf.)
    • HD Exercise Video Database (mp4)
  • Instructions on how to prepare your hips for a game or on-ice practice. The program is suitable for all age and level hockey athletes.

    The program combines everything you need for effective warm-up with a variety of exercises including;

    • Muscle activations
    • Dynamic stretching
    • Cardio

    Duration: 15 MINUTES