This product will help you to develop abilities to produce explosive power in every direction. Hockey is a game where we have to react quickly to changes on the ice. We decelerate and accelerate all the time from coast to coast. However, the question is, how to take advantage of reflexes for quick changes of direction? 


For example, strength training enhances our ability to create a controlled movement of the body and handle the eccentric forces better. However, plyometrics needs to be done when we want to transfer the strength into speed and explosiveness on the ice. This product assists you with easy to follow training plan which takes your game to the next level.


No more ready-made templates somewhere on the internet. These programs often do not think about the athlete's level, or the athlete starts with too challenging exercises. That type of self-guided training is common and can end up in injury. This program will give you more kick on the ice in a progressive way, safe and effective manner. 

Power Plyos For Junior

35,00 €Price
  • This is a digital product.

    • 7 Page Manual & The Program (pdf.)
    • Video Database for 12 different exercises (mp3)
    • In total of 12 Weeks of periodization for jump training