When a young athlete grows up, it is vital to know how different physical characteristics should be developed. Jumping is one of the most common forms of exercise for youth. It is essential for skeletal structure development. However, poorly performed jump training can be a risk to a child's health, such as causing stress fractures if the load and volumes are too much to handle.


That's why the question is, how jump training should be programmed in the name of long-term athletic development? How to create a strong foundation for effective jump training, safely?


If you are a coach, a parent, or an athlete with a zero experience of jump training, this product is created just for you. It will guide you step by step on how to build a strong foundation for lower body plyometrics.  After this, the athlete will be more advanced, and ready when the next levels of the training begin.  


No more problems with knees or lower back. That's for sure. The program is suitable for all who are just starting out in jump training. Take the first jump to next level and master your jumps for good.

Power Plyos For Youth

35,00 €Price
  • This is a digital product.

    • 7 page Manual & The Program (pdf.)
    • Video Database for 16 different exercises (mp4)
    • In total of 16 weeks of jump training for novice athletes