Has your coach repeatedly told you that you have to be more explosive? Do you want to get some extra kick to your performance? In that case, this program is for you. The program is designed to boost your explosiveness and speed step by step. By following this program, all you have to do is care about nothing but focus on 100% in every drill. This simple and effective jump training program does the magic, you will fly on the ice.


This product is designed to enhance your abilities to produce explosive power in every direction. Hockey is a game where we have to react quickly to changes on the ice. We decelerate and accelerate all the time from coast to coast. However, the question is, how to take advantage of reflexes for quick changes of direction?


For example, strength training enhances our ability to create a controlled movement of the body and handle the eccentric forces better. This jump training plan gives you an opportunity to increase your power output and transfer it to powerful strides and turnovers.  

Power Plyos For Pro

35,00 €Price
  • This is a digital product.

    • 6 Page Manual & The Program (pdf.)
    • Video Database for All Exercises (mp4)
    • In total of 12 Weeks training program