Everyone knows that hockey players walk like ducks now and then. This is often due to skating motion which causes tensions in your body. Tensions can lead to injuries by affecting your range of motion of the limbs. For example, strains and sprains. You can notice that when you hit the gym, and you can’t squat with proper technique. This usually happens because of the limited range of motions. Maybe, you will feel more tense day by day when you get up from the bus before the game, after which you swear again to start stretching a hundred times. Does it sound familiar?


This product is the answer to that. You get easy to use program and instructions on how to mobilize your body and recover better. I created two different mobility programs that do not take too much time and are easy to implement, wherever you are. Limited time is no more an excuse for stretching. It takes only 20 minutes to complete the daily routine. Get this product, and you are once again one step ahead of the others.

Mobility Series

25,00 €Price
  • This is a digital product.

    • 5 page Manual & The Program (pdf.)
    • Video Database for all exercises (mp4)