This product is one of the reasons why this website exists. I want to share my skills, experience, and passion for developing junior hockey players worldwide.


The program is designed to develop strength for junior hockey players. At this stage, body gets stronger and builds muscle mass at a rapid pace. Now is the time to create a strong and athletic body for yourself that will take you to bright lights.


Over the years, I have experienced many situations where I have had to teach the basics of weight training for adult athletes because they have not done the right things earlier. A situation like this is unsustainable. It could increase susceptibility for injuries and perhaps prevents you from accessing higher levels. The point is, that if you begin to train too late, the body does not stand harder training intensities because of the poor training history. This situation often creates a spiral of multiple injuries, as the body is too weak to withstand challenging games and training. In the worst case, it leads to an early end of your career.


I want to give you the world's best methods to build a strong foundation and achieve an injury-free body that will take you far. After this, you are not the weakest link in your team who breaks up before their time. You will be an example to others.


This program combines all the best methods around the world with a combination of ten years of coaching experience. I have tried all kinds of methods and failed. Finally, I have found the best and most effective ways to create stronger and powerful hockey players. This product is my masterpiece. Enjoy every moment! After it, you are ready to break the ice!

Junior Off Season

120,00 €Price
  • This products total value is about 3000€. Its the sum that my athletes pay me for this period if they train with me three times a week. You can do the math on how cheap this is going to be for you. You only pay for the work of the programming. Because, it is an online product, and does not include personal training sessions.