This website is built around this product. I want to share my knowledge and ten years of coaching experience for developing junior hockey players at all levels. The weight training for ice hockey could be confusing, especially for the juniors or youth. This plan is designed to safely develop the strength levels for junior hockey players. At this age, the body gets stronger and builds muscle mass at a rapid pace. Now is the time to get stronger, faster and more explosive!  


The strength training program combines all the best methods around the world with a combination of Fil's experience coaching hundreds of hockey players from youth to pro. You got a chance to build a strong foundation and an injury-free body that will take you far.


All the unnecessary "social media" exercises and fashionable weekly movement changes have been stripped away. Only pure strength, with basic barbell movements that are efficient and programmed correctly. You don't need anything else. Just follow the plan and utilize the training load chart, and you are on your way to next-level hockey performance. I guarantee it!

Junior Off Season Strength Training For Ice Hockey

  • You will receive a link to a downloadable database that you can download over and over again on every device. The content of the database is;

    • Strength Training Program (pdf.)
    • Training Load Chart (pdf.)
    • HD Exercise Video Database (mp4)
  • Off Season Strength Training Plan for U16-U18 Hockey Athletes.

    Duration: 16 WEEKS

    Workouts per week: THREE

    The plan includes four phases, each lasting four weeks. The program structure is; 

    • Phase 1 - Structural Balance/Muscle Hypertrophy
    • Phase 2 - Basic strength
    • Phase 3 - Maximum strength 
    • Phase 4 - Power