Goaltenders must also get their part, as their strength training must take into account differently than others on the team.

I have noticed that the goalies do not often perform their individual strength exercises. They do the same program as the other players. This often occurs at the junior level, or in amateur teams, where the coaching staff is inexperienced or there is no time to consider the individual needs because of the tight schedules of the training event.


This program takes the goalie training experience as close to individuality as possible. It takes into account the specificity and requirements of the goaltenders. This periodization combines strength, power, and mobility into one package. The results are guaranteed. You will be faster than ever before. You will fly from post to post next season and show your highlight reel safes, again and again.


The program is suitable for goalies of all ages and levels from U16 to Pro. Be that goalie who pays attention to his athleticism after the hard-working summer. Show everyone who is the new "dominator" in the rink. Get this program, now!

Goalie Strength

120,00 €Price
  • This products total value is 3000€. Its the sum that my athletes pay me for this period, if they train with me three times a week. You can do the math on how cheap this is going to be for you. You only pay for the work of the programming. Because, it is an online product, and does not include personal training sessions.