In past years, I have noticed that goalies do not often perform customized strength exercises. They do the same program as the others despite what your position is in the rink. This often occurs at the junior or amateur level where the coaching staff is inexperienced or there is no time to consider individual needs. 


This program makes the training experience as individual as possible from a goaltender's perspective. It takes the sport-specific requirements into account by combining strength, power, and mobility into one package. The results are guaranteed. You will be faster than ever before and fly from post to post. 


The program is suitable for goalies at all levels (U16-Pro), and it's designed for Off-season training.

Goalie Strength Training For Ice Hockey

  • You will receive a link to a downloadable database that you can download over and over again on every device. The content of the database is;

    • Strength Training Program (pdf.)
    • Training Load Chart (pdf.)
    • HD Exercise Video Database (mp4)
  • Hockey Goaltender specific Off-season strength training program in any level athletes (U16-Pro). 

    Duration: 16 WEEKS

    Workouts per week: THREE

    The plan includes four phases, each lasting four weeks. The program structure is;

    • Phase 1 - Strength Endurance & Mobility
    • Phase 2 - Basic Strength & Mobility
    • Phase 3 - Maximum Strength
    • Phase 4 - Maximum Strength & Goalie specific Power