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My name is Henri Filppula. I consider myself a servant of people. Others may call it coaching. My passion is to help hockey athletes to find their potential to become stronger, faster and more explosive. 

I have been coaching hockey players for over a decade. My coaching philosophy is based strongly on basics, where strength levels are raised simply but certainly, without the unnecessary "specific” tricks that have become today’s trend. Each client deserves an individual, passionately-created workout plan that works like magic without wasting time.

I try to develop myself as a coach by being aware of everything new and favoring old research and functional knowledge. I don’t believe in trendy exercise equipment or injury prevention "fairy tale" methods. In addition, I do not use modern “too good to be true” training styles and exercises. Trust me, I've been there and seen it all. I think they mislead the athlete on what performance-enhancing training really is.


Nothing beats the simple basics of training when it comes to gaining strength or preventing injuries. These are the ones that do the magic, now and always. You only have to do what is necessary, nothing more. Get yourself under the bar and start lifting by using proper form with a complete range of motions. It's the only way to top performance. Period.

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You Only Have To Do What Is Necessary, Nothing More. Get Yourself Under The Bar and Start Lifting With A Proper Form. Period.

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Some of the clients/clubs I’ve worked with over the years

NHL hockey player Jesse Ylonen skating during the game

Jesse Ylonen

Professional Hockey Player Lenni Killinen Carolina Hurricanes Handling The Puck During The Game

Lenni Killinen

Edmonton Oilers Draft Pick Patrick Siikanen looks focused

Patrick Siikanen

RPI College Hockey Player Leppanen On The Ice

Ottoville Leppanen

Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Pick Roni Hirvonen representing National Team of Finland

Roni Hirvonen

College Hockey Player Veeti Miettinen

Veeti Miettinen

+ Trained Over 140 Hockey Athletes From

Six Different Nationality

Which some of them are

U18-U20 World Champions &

NHL Draft Picks


Espoo United - Men's Pro Team 

Jokerit Helsinki - U16/U18


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Performance Enhancement Specialist from National Academy of Sports Medicine is one of the most respected Strength and Conditioning specializations in the World. NCCA accreditation.

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High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the International Youth Conditioning Association. This certification is a high standard specialization for developing adolescent athletes.

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Bachelor of Sports, Fitness and Coaching

Milton Keynes, UK - The Open University of England 

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Pro Coach Degree

Further Qualification in Coaching from Finnish Sports Institute of Kisakallio. Specialized in High School level coaching.

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Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

Licensed Sports Massage Therapist degree from
Massage Academy of Helsinki Finland