My name is Henri Filppula, a strength and conditioning specialist, and sports massage therapist. I come from Finland where hockey is more like a religion. Over the past few years, our nation has been successful, by winning several world championships. Finnish-born players have increasingly found in every year NHL draft. This shows that we have started to do the right things.

My journey as a coach started more than a decade ago. Over the past years, I have specialized in training hockey athletes from peewee to pro. Every athlete that I work with is a superstar in my books, so I want to give the best service to everyone who decides to join my coaching, no matter what level he/she is playing.

My training philosophy is - "Train smarter and safe your valuable time." In other words, do not waste your time doing something that could in the worst-case scenario, lead to injury or lower your performance. This scenario usually happens when the player's technical skills or physiological abilities do not meet the requirements of the program.  That is the biggest reason for me doing this website. You deserve a top-notch program design and periodization that allows you to take the next step in your career. 

My S/C coaching experience extends from a men's professional team in Espoo to coaching juniors in Helsinki. You can check my job history on LinkedIn 

However, what comes to personal training. I have clients from all over the world and from many different levels. For example, I have had the privilege of working with over 140 hockey athletes from NCAA, USHL, NHL draft picks, NHL, KHL, and Finnish Liiga players and juniors, where some of them are U18 and U20 World Champions, and many more. 

I hope you decide to join my tribe and experience what modern hockey strength training is at its best. 
If you want to stand out in summer tryouts, prospect camps, or impress your coach to get the opportunity you deserved. Perhaps, you are playing the local beer league and want to get a better shape. Let me help you to shine next season. This site is where every hockey player can find a product that suits them for sure. Make it personal or pick one from the store. Make your move to be a better hockey player.

Let's break the ice together!



Some of my clients over the years
(PT /Massage)


Jesse Ylönen

U20 World Champion
Finnish Elite League Player
Montreal Canadiens Draft Pick


Degrees and Certifications



Performance Enhancement Specialist from National Academy of Sports Medicine is one of the most respected Strength and Conditioning specializations in the World. NCCA accreditation.


High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the International Youth Conditioning Association. This certification is a high standard specialization for developing adolescent athletes.


Bachelor's Degree from Milton Keynes The Open University of England 
(In progress..)


Further Qualification in Coaching from Finnish Sports Institute of Kisakallio. Specialized in High School level coaching.


Licensed Sports Massage Therapist
at Massage Academy of Helsinki Finland


Workshops, Online courses, Tons of books, etc.



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